Free archive/resource for materials in critical discourse

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Free archive/resource for materials in critical discourse

Messagepar Unknownscavenger » 25 Octobre 2012, 15:11

I am posting in order to share my enthusiasm for

This is a free site for the uploading and downloading of texts and videos, mostly related to literary theory, socio-political theory, cultural studies - with a pparticular sensitivity to contemporary art practices, media studies, culture creation, image theory and activism/civil dissent.
AAAAARG.ORG also offers recorded interviews and lectures, as well as a forum for open discussion or requests for particular texts/materials.

In the words of the founders:

AAAARG is a conversation platform - at different times it performs as a school, or a reading group, or a journal.
AAAARG was created with the intention of developing critical discourse outside of an institutional framework. But rather than thinking of it like a new building, imagine scaffolding that attaches onto existing buildings and creates new architectures between them.

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