how often do you meet your thesis director?

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how often do you meet your thesis director?

Messagepar daria2013 » 26 Avril 2013, 11:31

For some cases is not clear when your advisor is supposed to have a time for you.
What is true is that, is mostly you working on the research topic, but remember that you have chosen your advisor for his/her experience, knowledge in the topic, etc. so, is good to have clear "when would your supervisor will have time to discuss your advances".

I would say that weekly meetings is the right timing, because you invest some time working in something, you can discuss quickly first findings, and since your supervisor has the experience he/she could give you feedback whether the direction is right or if it is better to explore a new direction.

Of course, sometimes there will be exceptions due to conferences, holidays, or because some experiments take looong time.....or as well valid, because you couldn't concentrate on the work for personal reasons, in that case, I think you should be able to speak directly to your advisor and just postpone your meeting to next available week slot. If you can't meet your supervisor on a week based, you could ask a post-doc in your group or involved in your research for a one hour chat about your findings :), I am sure you will be surprised of how kind or open he/she could be, and you will have a more open view of what do you want to do, what are you doing, and what are you getting as results/how to interpret them.

Enjoy the weekly advances, step by step, you will make it on time.
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Re: how often do you meet your thesis director?

Messagepar Nicolas » 30 Avril 2013, 13:35

I am afraid that once a week is absolutely unrealistic in many cases from the point of view of the thesis direction.

More than 4-5 times a year is already a lot where I come from (and in lots of parallel disciplines).

Maybe it is different in case of group based research in a Lab.... I wouldn't know as I come form the humanities :roll:

I guess needs also differ from people to people, I know some people who prefer not to meet too often, while other crave maximal "encadrement".

This said, I can only support the idea of regular meetings and step by step progress for optimal outcome.
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Re: how often do you meet your thesis director?

Messagepar simone » 01 Mai 2013, 05:09

It's is true that is depending of your needs and the "deal" you did with your thesis supervisor.

In my group, we can go and see our supervisor whatever we want, and whatever we need him.
We also have some weekly meeting for the group. In general, it is one person that present or discuss something, but we can always come with a problem.
And personally, I have lunch with my supervisor two at three times by week, but that doesn't mean we discuss about my thesis, and this is sometimes the risk when you are meeting your supervisor to often, it's to discuss some other subject than yours.

But it's true, I don't know a lot of phd student that can meet their supervisor so often.
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Re: how often do you meet your thesis director?

Messagepar Emma Bovary » 01 Mai 2013, 11:46

Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec Nicolas.

Pas possible d'aller chaque semaine chez le, meme, presque injuste.

Une fois chaque deux mois c'est, selon mon opinion, un bon compromis entre nos doutes, la disponibilité du directeur et la réelle utilité de ces rencontres.

Cependant, en discutant avec mes amis, j'ai noté que cela peut dépendre aussi en grande partie du domaine d'études.

J'ai comme l'impression que dans le milieu des "sciences exactes" les doctorants sont, pour ainsi dire, "gatés": il y a, en effet, un majeur développement du travail en équipe et, en général, les directeurs accompagnent comme des mentores leurs thésards.

Dans les sciences humaines, par contre, ces derniers sont beaucoup plus autonomes, isolés et laissés tous seuls.

Mais cela, je crois, est un grand atout ! Un atout vers l'indépendance et la liberté !
Emma Bovary
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