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lectures online

Messagepar daria2013 » 29 Avril 2013, 20:59

As part of PhD formation some programs requires a certain number of credits/courses.

Complementary to certain topics, missed or non-understood classes, you could follow some online courses. The most well know website is videolectures.net, although, nowadays you can find several lectures online from different universities like: Mit, Harvard, Imperial College London among others. Inclusive you can try typing your specific topic or course in youtube and, I am sure that you will find either a tutorial, a lecture or several examples of how to....

More and more universities will start recording the lectures and make them available, and that could be one more opportunity for us to review the class and remember or watch again the "details" that we missed, when we need to work on the homeworks.
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Re: lectures online

Messagepar Emma Bovary » 23 Mai 2013, 14:58

Thank you Daria!

I've just found a wonderful lecture about heroes in Ancient Greece!

I know what to do this night!
Emma Bovary
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