Characteristics of a swiss academical career

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Characteristics of a swiss academical career

Messagepar FraNCO » 14 Mars 2012, 16:41

With my personal experience of living in different countries, I can confirm that there a several differences in therm of mentality and culture depending where you’re living. Interesting are the non-written rules that nevertheless makes those differences.
Having an international CV is getting more and more important, so everyone of us is concerned.
What about describing our own experience in a foreign university and help others PhD students or PostDocs who are moving to and/or coming from another country?

What you should know about a British/French/German/Canadian/etc. academical career….
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Re: Characteristics of a swiss academical career

Messagepar Nicolas » 21 Mars 2012, 13:41

Excellent thread!

I think it would even make more interesting to compare different contexts.

As for me I have mostly experience in the Swiss, German, Amercian & Indian contexts (but of course not of the same depths or in comparable institutions).

For now, and form my experience, which is in the human sciences, I would say that the Swiss context is:

- Midway on an axis between interactional informality and strong hierarchy

- Demanding a lot of extra-research activities for people employed by universities, much more than in other countries. And that already while preparing a PhD

- As can be expected in a decentralized country, there are lots of variations form insitutions to institutions and from departement to departement (it is the case everywhere, but a strong "institute history and culture" that had importance while appointing full tenured professors).

The example of the habilis being (mostly) necessary in the German part of the country and (mostly) not in the French part (to get tenured), in my discipline and the ones closely related, was a telling one.

These are a few first ideas that came to mind while reading the subject of this thread. I will follow other contributions with interest.
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