Libre Office / Open Office?

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Libre Office / Open Office?

Messagepar Unknownscavenger » 27 Septembre 2013, 08:59

I wonder if anyone here uses either Libre Office / Open Office?

Open office has traditionally been the free open source alternative to Miscrosoft Office, used by approx 60 million people worldwide, many public administration, educational institutions, etc.

Late 2010, Oracle became the owner of open office and the core actors opted out to create a new free entity, called the Document foundation, who created Libre Office. Libre Office became the standard for Linux distribution.

To cut a long story short, Oracle ended up dropping OpenOffice and an opensource development resumed.

Nowadays there are the two free alternatives "on the market" and it seems that they won't be integrated back into one.

Does anyone have a preference over the other? Experiences? (version française: (
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Re: Libre Office / Open Office?

Messagepar inoutin » 30 Septembre 2013, 12:56

From what I read online, Libre office is the best solution. It seems to currently have the most active development and upgrade team behind.

Anyways, I installed it recently on a new laptop and it works smoothly. But I haven't used it for anything extra complex, I must add...
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